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The Hall of Fame was established in 1998 as the National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame to honor jazz age four-string banjo pioneers as well as the contemporary artists, educators, manufacturers and promoters who carried on the traditions of their predecessors. In its infancy, the American Banjo Museum was an extension of that Hall of Fame. Between 1998 and 2013, the Hall of Fame honored 71 individuals and entities in the four-string banjo world whose career accomplishments might have otherwise gone unrecognized.

As the museum grew and evolved to embrace all types of banjos and playing styles, it became clear that the Hall of Fame should evolve as well. In 2013 the American Banjo Museum Board of Directors voted to establish an annual performance category to honor all styles of five-string banjo playing as well as opening the non-performance categories to all types of banjos.

Search the Banjo Players Directory for additional photos, videos, and biographies on Fall of Fame Members, then visit The American Banjo Museum's YouTube Channel to see clips on Hall of Fame Inductees.

Alfred Greathouse - Inducted 2016 <br />Instruction & EducationDeering Banjos - Inducted 2016 <br />Design & ManufactureGeorge Formby - Inducted 2016 <br />HistoricalJ.D. Crowe - Inducted 2016 <br />Five-String Performance
Pat Terry, Jr. - Inducted 2016 <br />Four-String PerformanceAlbert D. Grover - Inducted 2015 <br /> Design & ManufactureEddy Davis - Inducted 2015 <br /> Four-String PerformancePete Seeger - Inducted 2015 <br /> Five-String Performance
Steve Martin - Inducted 2015 <br />PromotionTim Allan - Inducted 2015 <br /> Education & InstructionDavid L. Day - Inducted 2014 <br /> Design & ManufactureDebbie Schreyer - Inducted 2014 <br />Four String Performance
Earl Scruggs - Inducted 2014 <br /> Five-String PerformanceElmer Snowden - Inducted 2014 <br />Four-String PerformanceMike Currao - Inducted 2014<br />Education & InstructionThe Kingston Trio - Inducted 2014<br />Promotion
Eddie Connors - Inducted 2013<br />Four-String PerformanceMike Gentry - Inducted 2013<br />Four-String PerformanceSomethin Smith & The Redheads - Inducted 2013<br />PromotionSteve Caddick - Inducted 2013<br />Education & Instruction
Wayne Fairchild - Inducted 2013<br />Design & ManufactureBuddy Wachter - Inducted 2012<br />Education & InstructionGlenn Parks - Inducted 2012<br />PromotionJim Farquhar - Inducted 2012<br />Design & Manufacture
Lee Floyd III - Inducted 2012<br />Four-String PerformanceSkip DeVol - Inducted 2012<br />Four-String PerformanceDaryl Whiting - Inducted 2011 <br />Education & InstructionGene Sheldon - Inducted 2011<br />Four-String Performance
Greg Allen - Inducted 2011<br />Four-String PerformanceHoris Ward - Inducted 2011<br />PromotionThe Vega Company - Inducted 2011<br />Design & ManufactureBill Pincumbe - Inducted 2010<br />Promotion
Chuck Ogsbury/OME Banjos - Inducted 2010<br />Design & ManufactureDave Marty - Inducted 2010<br />Four-String PerformanceHelen Baker - Inducted 2010<br />Four-String PerformanceJim Riley - Inducted 2010<br />Education & Instruction
Buck Kelly - Inducted 2009<br />Four-String PerformanceDave Frey - Inducted 2009<br />Education & InstructionHenry Lea - Inducted 2009<br />Design & ManufactureJohn Becker - Inducted 2009<br />Four-String Performance
Myron Hinkle - Inducted 2009<br />PromotionDale Small - Inducted 2008<br />Design & ManufactureDon Stevison - Inducted 2008<br />Education & InstructionJack Dupen / Harry Higgins / The Red Garter - Inducted 2008<br />Promotion
Jad Paul - Inducted 2008<br />Four-String PerformanceMaurice Bolyer - Inducted 2008<br />Four-String PerformanceDon Von Palta - Inducted 2007<br />Education & InstructionGeorgette Twain - Inducted 2007<br />Four-String Performance
John Cali - Inducted 2007<br />Four-String PerformanceThe Walt Disney Company - Inducted 2007<br />PromotionWm. Lange / Paramount - Inducted 2007<br />Design & ManufactureCynthia Sayer - Inducted 2006<br />Four-String Performance
Eddy Davis - Inducted 2006<br />PromotionPat Terry, Sr. - Inducted 2006<br />Four-String PerformanceThe Gibson Company - Inducted 2006<br />Design & ManufactureWalter Kaye Bauer - Inducted 2006<br />Education & Instruction
Buddy Griffin - Inducted 2005<br />Education & InstructionDoug Mattocks - Inducted 2005<br />Four-String PerformanceJoel Schiavone / Your Father's Mustache - Inducted 2005<br />PromotionMichael Pingitore - Inducted 2005<br />Four-String Performance
Renee Karnes - Inducted 2005<br />Design & ManufactureAl Smith - Inducted 2004<br />Four-String PerformanceBacon & Day - Inducted 2004 - <br />Design & ManufactureCharles McNeil - Inducted 2004<br />Education & Instruction
Freddy Morgan - Inducted 2004<br />Four-String PerformanceFred Mickey Finn - Inducted 2004<br />PromotionC.C. Richelieu - Inducted 2003<br />Design & ManufactureCathy Reilly Finn - Inducted 2003<br />Four-String Performance
Charlie Tagawa - Inducted 2003<br />Education & InstructionRalph Martin - Inducted 2003<br />PromotionScotty Plummer - Inducted 2003<br />Four-String PerformanceJohnny St. Cyr - Inducted 2002<br />Four-String Performance
The Jubilee Banjo Band - Inducted 2002<br />PromotionLowell Schreyer - Inducted 2002<br />Education & InstructionTim Allan - Inducted 2002<br />Four-String PerformanceBuddy Wachter - Inducted 2001<br />Four-String Performance
Frank Rossi - Inducted 2001<br />PromotionJack Canine - Inducted 2001<br />PromotionMel Bay - Inducted 2001<br />Education & InstructionRoy Smeck - Inducted 2001<br />Four-String Performance
Don Van Palta - Inducted 2000<br />Four-String PerformancePerry Bechtel - Inducted 2000<br />Four-String PerformanceSherwood Shakey Johnson - Inducted 2000<br />PromotionEddie Peabody - Inducted 1999<br />Four-String Performance
Harry Reser - Inducted 1999<br />Four-String PerformanceC. Sandy Riner - Inducted 1998<br />Four-String PerformanceMarvin Smokey Montgomery - Inducted 1998<br />Four-String Performance
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