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Philadelphia's Mummers - Struttin' Their Stuff
May 2018-April 2019

A special exhibit at the American Banjo Museum features the Philadelphia Mummers and the fabled New Year’s Day Mummers Parade, the oldest annual folk celebration in the US. See costumes from parades past and learn about the history and traditions of the Mummers and the String Bands of Philadelphia.

Jim Henson - Life and Legacy
September 2018-August 2019

A special exhibit at the American Banjo Museum Jim Henson – Life and Legacy fondly remembers the optimistic visionary of  who created the Muppets and positively influenced generations of the young and young at heart. In addition to Kermit the Frog, original artwork, rare photographs, pop culture objects and many very personal insights, Jim Henson – Life and Legacy will feature a very special banjo as well. One of the most famous banjos of all time, the Muppets Banjo, originally owned and played by British musician Martin Kershaw, has arguably accompanied more stars than any other banjo in history.


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