American Banjo Museum - Wall of Honor

The original Wall of Honor program recognized individuals and groups who helped the museum get its start in Guthrie, OK in 1998. Today, the Wall of Honor program continues to recognize like minded individuals who financially support the mission of the American Banjo Museum. You too can be permanently recognized as a member of the Wall of Honor with a tax-deductible gift of $1000 or more.

Add your name by supporting the American Banjo Museum with a tax-deductible gift of $1000 or more.

In Memory of Charlie TagawaArizona Banjo Blasters c. 2015Andy & Linda HallIn Memory of Bunny Longo
All Stars Youth Banjo Band c. 2003New Orleans Banjos + 2 c. 2008Cynthia SayerHappy Time Banjos c. 2006
Mike CurraoIn Memory of O.B. Bill HeatonTacoma Banjo Club c. 2006Dallas Banjo Band c. 2005
Dave FreyDavid LambourneSouthtown Strummers c. 2005Arizona Banjo Band c. 1989
Buddy GriffinDavid FrizeeEd & Sue MielkeGulf Coast Banjo Society c. 2004
Jimmie & Eleanor JonesJoe HuntPete ClementsPittsburgh Banjo Club c. 2004
Sahib Shrine Banjo Sarasota c. 2004William T.  Bill GardDan FitzgeraldDonald F. Stevison
Easton Connecticut Banjo Society c. 2003Kettering Banjo Society c. 2003Lynn R. KaatzRik Lovelady
Rocky Mountain Banjos c. 2003Wichita Banjo Band c. 2003Long Island Banjo Society c. 2000Burke & Gloria Murdock
Scott WhitfieldThe Ragtime Rascals c. 2001Denny & Kathy OverstreetJack Canine
In Memory of Julian CarrKansas City Banjo Band c. 2001Michael ShamesNew England Banjo Society c. 2002
Northwest Banjo Band c. 2002Peninsula Banjo Band c. 1999Roger Hale & Green Country Trio c. 2002Roger Hale
The Central Illinois Steaming Five c. 2002The Jubilee Banjo Band Houston TX c. 2002
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